Magen David Yeshivah has served as the cornerstone of the Sephardic community of New York for generations. Over a half century ago our founders recognized that public school was not enough to deliver a first-rate education while keeping our families together and preserving our Sephardic Traditions. A group of visionaries, led by Mr. Isaac Shalom A”H, made the conscious decision to develop our own private school system grounded in excellence for both secular and religious education. MDY has since produced countless successful industry professionals, lawyers, physicians, rabbis, and teachers, as well as prominent leaders at the helm of numerous organizations. Magen David alumni have influenced our past, shape our present, and will guarantee our future.

Today over 2,400 community children attend our schools. The growth rate of applicants to MDY is explosive, as our community recognizes the value and merit of our creative initiatives. The state-of-the-art elementary school building reflects our dedication to providing the quality education our children require. Our high school has been endorsed by the prestigious Middle States Accreditation, which is traditionally limited to universities. This honor enhances our schools’ reputation and affords our graduates the opportunity to compete for acceptance into top colleges. We strive consistently enhance this high-caliber educational experience and ensure that our dreams for our children become reality.