Our school uniform is intended to be consistent with halacha and to reflect the importance of a serious academic environment. We have chosen a uniform that presents options and allows for some individual expression. It is our expectation that our students will make choices that demonstrate respect for the values inherent in this uniform. However, the faculty and administration must reserve the right to make decisions regarding some specifics such as footwear or accessories.


Boys are required to wear designated white, light blue or light gray polo or button down shirts with either gray or navy pants. You may purchase any navy or gray pants, excluding corduroys, jeans, sweatpants, or cargos. Please note that khaki style pants with cinched ankles are not allowed.


Girls are required to wear designated white, light blue or light gray polo or button down shirts with either gray or navy designated skirts. Skirts must reach below the knee, but not below the calf.

Boys & Girls

Boys and girls may wear navy blue sweaters, blazers or sweatshirts in school with no logo or design. They may wear navy blue sweatshirts with no logo or design; they also may wear MDY sweatshirts, which are available for purchase from our PTA.


Students must wear closed-toe and closed-back footwear at all times. Wedges or heels are not permitted in school. They may, however, wear sneakers to school. On days on which they have PE, students must have sneakers in school. “Wheelies” may not be worn in school.

It is not possible to anticipate all possible changes in styles or fads. Still, maintaining the dignity of our yeshivah is always essential. Therefore, students and all members of our community are expected to dress appropriately and modestly in our school buildings and at school functions.

Seeseet and Kippot

Boys in Nursery through 8th grade are required to wear seeseet and kippot of appropriate size in the school building at all times, as well as at any MDY-sponsored event or at any event where they are representing our Yeshivah. In the event that a child comes to school without a kippah or seeseet, they must purchase in school ($1.00 for kippah, $8.50 for seeseet.) Students wearing clothing that is not consistent with our uniform will not be able to attend classes.