Early Childhood Curriculum

At MDY, the needs of children are addressed at their individual developmental level and we encourage learning by building on their individual strengths while also working with the research-based sequences of development and change that occur during the early years of a child’s life. Our teachers knowledge of typical development provides a framework from which teachers prepare the learning environment and plan appropriate experiences. 

Early learning is an opportunity for us at MDY to nurture your child’s curiosity, promote problem-solving and decision-making, and prepare children with the academic foundation to achieve success in school and in life. MDY teachers actively engage children through intentional teaching practices that guide each child’s social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development, creating a joyful classroom environment that fosters cooperation and a sense of community. 


We feel privileged to carry the responsibility of guiding your child through their journey. We understand how important the early years are to both you and your child. It is a time of remarkable growth, when children are experiencing rapid development, learning new skills, and progressing towards physical, linguistic, and social-emotional milestones. 

Our curriculum provides intentional guidance and rich experiences that move children along that journey by building upon individual strengths and talents. With our teachers by their sides, children at MDY are assured of getting the care they need, the creative learning experiences they enjoy, and the intellectually challenging opportunities they deserve. 

This guide explores how we progressively support the development of a child’s skills and knowledge throughout the years. As parents and teachers, we want each moment of childhood to be one of wonder, joy, and learning. Our goal is to provide an inspiring, educational environment, and to prepare your child to succeed in school and in life. We are honored to partner with you on your child’s educational journey.