About Us

Our mission is to produce broadly educated, ethical, self-confident, and compassionate Torah-observant Jews, committed to lifelong learning, community service, and personal growth.

Magen David Yeshivah is an Early Childhood through Grade 12 Jewish day school rooted in the Sephardic tradition and dedicated to academic excellence, creativity, and intellectual curiosity. As the cornerstone of the Sephardic community of New York for generations, we are proud to continue to provide an exceptional education while strengthening our community and preserving our traditions.

As a school rooted in Jewish law, we are committed to ensuring that each student receives a comprehensive dual-curriculum education with emphasis on academic excellence, creativity, and intellectual curiosity. 

As a community, we equip our students with the ability to confidently interact with an ever-changing modern world through the prism of Torah values, and to cultivate within them a deep understanding of and love for the people, land, and State of Israel.

We exist to develop a love of Hashem and Torah rooted in the principles of Sephardic traditions, and a deep connection to Eres Yisrael.

We are dedicated to providing children with a warm, nurturing, and safe environment where we foster social and emotional growth. We cultivate responsibility, care, collaboration, respect, and perseverance.

We are committed to helping all students love rigorous learning by providing a purposeful, challenging, joyful learning environment, where all students feel safe to take risks and take responsibility for their learning.