Creative Arts

We believe at Magen David Yeshivah that exposure to the arts is essential to providing our students with a well rounded education. By involving our students with opportunities across art, dance, and music, they develop personal skills and gain a cultural appreciation for the arts. 

MDY aims to meet the artistic demands and creative needs for all of our students. Here are a few programs that we offer to our students.

  • Art
  • Dance
  • Music

Our goal is to encourage each student to express creativity through developmentally appropriate art experiences. There are differences between the two processes that our students go through process focused and product focused art.


With this type of art experience there are no step-by-step instructions, no samples to follow and no right or wrong answers. The characteristics of this type of processed focused art experiences enables creativity. Since there aren't any examples to follow students are encouraged to create what comes to mind and express social and emotional topics with broad strokes.


Product focused art is the opposite of processed focused art. Students will have instructions to follow, have samples to copy and envision a finished product in mind. This type of art is focused on learning about different types of artists by exploring different medians. This gives our students a wide variety of styles to emulate and incorporate into their lives for the foreseeable future.