Remote Learning

Here at Magen David Yeshivah we were equipped to handle remote learning for our students right out of the gate. Our students and faculty already had the provisions in place to use current technology in the classroom which helped facilitate remote learning for our students in a relatively short amount of time. MDY is a leader in using technology and we continue to innovate and deliver the most effective learning experiences inside and outside the classrooms. 

Alongside our academics we have pushed the boundaries with incorporating remote help for our students through our guidance team and continued to offer a robust physical education program as well. Our Torah studies and values were not diminished as we transitioned to an online format. In fact we believe distance learning strengthened our resolve and brought us together during this difficult time. 

Magen David Yeshivah is prepared for a return to our classrooms and also ready for the challenge of future distance learning if necessary. In our classrooms now, we are making use of new instructional skill developed through remote instruction. 

We believe that we aren't just responsible for the academic growth of our children. Magen David Yeshivah feels just as responsible for developing their emotional needs as well. MDY's guidance team has been providing support for students, faculty and families throughout the pandemic. Our guidance team has answers to the tough questions your children may ask. This includes, social, emotional and psychological issues that can stem from being out of school for extended periods of time.