About Us

Our Mission

At Magen David Yeshivah High School, students enjoy the pursuit of excellence. We are guided by:






At MDY, you will REACH.  You will be challenged to reach new heights and you will become a lifelong learner.  You will engage with academically rigorous content in your Judaic and General studies classes and you will expand your creativity and intellectual curiosity.  Your teachers, administrators and other faculty members will foster your academic success by highlighting your strengths. You will exceed your potential.  


At MDY, you will own your RESPONSIBILITY.  You will be given opportunities for Hesed, within your community, within your neighborhood, within the United States and within the broader world. You will feel love for the people, land and State of Israel and you will advocate on their behalf.  You will confidently interact with an ever-changing modern world through the prism of Torah values.You will discover your passions; you will find teams that pursue those interests and  you will rise to positions of leadership. You will lead.


At MDY, you will both give and receive RESPECT. You will revere the wisdom of the Torah, you will be proud of your Jewish Heritage and you will embrace your Sephardic tradition. You will sanctify G-d’s name in your speech, dress and demeanor. You will find role models and you will become a role model.  


Shaped by our guiding principles, our  students succeed at colleges and universities of their choice and plan for careers in the rapidly evolving, competitive global marketplace.