About Us

Our Mission

Magen David Yeshivah, a Jewish day school anchored in Jewish law and rooted in Sephardic tradition, is committed to ensuring that each student receives a comprehensive dual-curriculum education, emphasizing academic excellence, creativity and intellectual curiosity. We equip our students with the ability to confidently interact with an ever-changing modern world through the prism of Torah values. We strive to produce broadly educated, ethical, self- confident and compassionate Torah observant Jews, committed to lifelong learning, community service and personal growth. We cultivate within them a deep understanding of and love for the people, land and State of Israel and a sense of responsibility to the Jewish people, the United States and the world.

Our Vision

At Magen David Yeshivah High School, students enjoy the pursuit of excellence.

We are guided by the three R’s:


At MDY, you will REACH.  You will be challenged to reach new heights and you will rise to the challenge and discover your own strengths.  You will be expected to be excellent, because we will provide the tools while you have the potential within you. You will not be allowed to sell yourself short, because your teachers, administrators and other faculty members at MDY believe in you.  You will learn. 

At MDY, you will discover RESPONSIBILITY.  You will be expected to meet deadlines, to follow through on commitments and to manage your time, while  juggling the world of adolescence.  More importantly, you will be asked to see beyond yourself.  You will be given opportunities for Hesed, for Israel advocacy and to take a stand for the things you believe in.  You will join clubs that speak to your passions, you will be invited to join sports teams, you will rise to positions of leadership and you will understand the demands and joys of teamwork. You will lead. 

At MDY, you will find RESPECT.  You will be given respect and you will  give respect in return.  You will be expected to respect yourself enough to dress, speak and act in ways becoming of the ambassador of G-d that you are.  You will respect your past in exploring our Sephardic Heritage.  You will respect our rich culture and Torah, you will be given opportunities to learn beyond the classroom, and you will further your relationships with our rabbis and teachers. You will be looked up to.