General Academics

Our General Studies program is skills based and content rich. Our educators design and implement an academic program that prioritizes critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. They strive to inspire independent thinkers who can confidently express their ideas and who can work well with others.

Each academic department has identified a progression of skills that are reinforced within their curriculum. Overlap across departments is encouraged and highlighted so students can practice and apply these skills across various disciplines. 

Our goals include:

  • Helping our students become critical consumers of information. Students will have a passion for reading and learning and will know how to identify meaningful content.
  • Equipping our students with strong communication skills, including the ability to present information clearly and concisely and the ability to write in a sophisticated and scholarly style. 
  •  Providing our students with a strong foundation of content, allowing them to continuously expand their knowledge base.
  • Igniting a passion within our students so they can discover their own interests and so they can achieve their career goals. 
  • Inspiring leadership and ethical engagement through civic education and programs emphasizing social responsibility. 
  • Providing our students with the 21st century skills that are necessary for success in the competitive global marketplace.

Our curriculum maps remain a work in progress, as we continue to develop new lessons to equip our students with the tools they will need to interact in an ever changing world. Above all, our educators strive to be models of life-long learners, evidence based problem solvers and critical thinkers who can responsibly engage in society.