Judaic Academics

At MDY, it’s not only about what our students learn, but how they learn. We are driven towards imparting to our students the tools and abilities necessary to become lifelong learners.  With that in mind, MDYHS has a Judaic Studies curriculum with specific educational goals that cultivate students’ learning skills. 

For each discipline within Judaic Studies, a master skills list was created, highlighting a progression of abilities and skills that students are taught as they make their way from 9th-12th grade.  The outlined skills are level specific, ensuring that each child is taught according to their needs and capabilities.  

This model was created as a means toward reaching the following goals:

  1. Equipping our students with textual skills which will enable them to become independent learners in all subject areas. 
  2. For teachers and students alike to have a clear vision and focus of defined educational objectives, to be met at every grade level, i.e. “This is what I should expect to have the ability to do by the end of this year”. 
  3. Meeting graduating standards from year to year. This assures a clear progression and growth rate in the proficiencies of every student. Every year will build on the previous one.

Of course, our Judaic Studies curriculum is content driven, with curriculum maps, assessments and methodologies laid out for teachers, all the while, allowing for teacher initiative, new ideas and differentiated instruction.  Below you will find a basic outline of our curriculum for each discipline, with skills goals.