Jewish Philosophy

Description: A two year curriculum, covering numerous critical topics and concepts of Jewish thought, which form the underpinnings of the basic faith of a Jew.

Objectives: Students will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the basic tenets of Judaism. 
  • Develop a love and appreciation for G-d, the Jewish nation, and themselves.
  • Be capable of applying their knowledge of Judaism to their everyday lives.
  • Learn to critically analyze texts of both medieval and contemporary commentators.
  • Become sufficiently equipped with the ability to express their opinion in a properly developed argument.

For 12th grade students, MDYHS uses a brand new curriculum on Science & Torah, created by the famed Jewish scientist, Professor Nathan Aviezer.

Course of study

11th Grade : Understanding G-d

  • Free Will
  • Divine Providence
  • Reward & Punishment
  • Prayer/Mashiah/Olam Haba                   

12th Grade: Relating to non-Jews

  • Jews with Different Views
  • Emunat Hakhamim
  • Ta’ame Hamisvot
  • Science & Religion