Description: A skills based curriculum, covering all five books of Humash over a  4 year course of study.

Objectives: Students will:

  • Develop an in depth understanding of numerous narratives and misvot in each book of Humash, based on the text, classical commentaries and Midrashic literature, within select units of study.
  • Learn to analyze the nuances of Torah text, through which they will identify  appropriate questions and appreciate the methods in which answers may be extracted from the language of our holy Torah. 
  • Be able to navigate through the broader context of Humash and compare or contrast different texts.
  • Be equipped to search and identify appropriate commentaries on a given verse and develop an appreciation of their unique styles.
  • Become independent Torah learners.

Course of Study 

9th Grade: Shemot 
10th Grade: Vayikra / Bemidbar             
11th Grade: Debarim   
12th Grade: Beresheet