Specialized Academic Tracks

The Jeff and Rachel Sutton Scholars Program

The Magen David Scholars Program is geared towards enhancing the high school experience of students who have shown exemplary academic skills and dedication to their studies. We offer advanced classes to these high-achieving students as part of a demanding and rigorous course load. Additionally, Scholars participate in a leadership training curriculum that  prepares them for their college and professional careers. The leadership course also provides them with the 21st century skills needed to succeed in a changing world. The Scholars program provides students with unique opportunities to meet with professionals, hakhamim, and academics, as well as visit and experience college campuses and other centers of academia through regular trips throughout the school year. MDYHS places scholars in summer internships and/or in pre-college courses to help enhance their academic program and develop their career interests. The Scholars program gives special attention to independent learning through a Scholar’s thesis paper and social awareness projects, teaching students how to think on their own and get accustomed to problem solving. As they go through the program, students enjoy the support of a team of mentors who guide them through each step of their journey, from acclimating to high school, to college guidance and career advice. 

Bet Midrash Program

The goal of the Bet Midrash Program is to enhance both the Torah curriculum and religious experience of the student who is looking to invest more in his/her Torah education at MDYHS. It will focus on independent, in depth learning, as well as afford opportunities to students to learn Torah outside of the formal classroom. Additionally, students will be exposed to outside speakers and venues, all through the lens of Torah and spirituality. 

The program offers Hebruta style classes in Germara (boys), Tanakh and Halakhah, where students are expected to cover more breadth and depth, yielding a deeper knowledge base and increased exposure to texts.  Learning will be more text based, with time allotted for guided, independent study. Students attend weekly Mishmar classes and evening classes, led by Magen David Rabbis and educators, thus increasing their Torah knowledge and strengthening their relationships with powerful role models. Breakfast classes and lunch and learns with our Director of Religious studies complement this program of rigorous Torah Study.