The Magen David Yeshivah’s Early Childhood Program is where a child’s lifetime of memories begin.

For generations, Magen David Yeshivah has as served as the center of our community’s standard of educational excellence, and the source of transmitting our magnificent Sephardic heritage. As our children enter the Magen David Early Childhood building, they are embarking on their journey of discovery into the world of Torah and General Studies. The  Early Childhood program prides itself in its commitment to our children’s achievements and accomplishments. Our highly skilled teachers provide an atmosphere that is conducive to developing a strong sense of self and that supports and encourages each child to attain academic and social successes. Through a multi-sensory approach to education, each child is empowered and challenged to meet his/her individual potential and develop a solid foundation for learning.


In our warm and nurturing classrooms, the children are immersed in an integrated program of both Limudei Hol and Limudei Kodesh. We value the love of Torah, Eres Yisrael, Tefillah, Misvot, Middot, Shabbat, Haggim, Sephardic customs and culture. The children in our preschool enjoy socializing and playing on two outdoor state of the art playgrounds as well as our indoor gym. Our teachers are dedicated to challenging and inspiring our children’s love of learning. Our hands-on approach to education is evident in all content areas; Math, Language Arts/Literacy, Science, Social Studies, and Life skills. Similarly, our Judaic studies are integrated and reinforced throughout the day. The children become active learners through discovery and exploration. We encourage them to think, question and experiment.



Early Childhood Center Director and School Psychologist
Sarah Jabbour, Psy.D.