Magen David Yeshivah Elementary School is committed to building a foundation for learning in a warm and nurturing Jewish environment.


We imbue our students with the beauty of our Sephardic heritage and customs based on the traditions of Aram Soba and the power and wisdom of our faith.


Both inside and outside the classroom, we focus on students’ spiritual, intellectual, and social growth. We maintain a nurturing environment in which we seek to identify each child’s individual strengths. Our skills-based approach to learning enables students to become independent learns and creative thinkers and to use these skills in both Judaic and General Studies. Our commitment to a Torah lifestyle, love of Eretz Israel, and religious values is fundamental to our existence. Students are exposed to an Ivrit immersion program, as Hebrew language instruction is an essential part of our curriculum.



General Studies Asst. Principal, Grades 6-8
Dr. Joshua Wise

Judaic Studies Associate Principal, Grades 6-8
Rabbi David Sultan

General Studies Associate Principal, Grades 1-5
Mrs. Carly Mavorah

Judaic Studies Asst. Principal, Grades 1-5
Rabbi Ezra Saban