Early Childhood – Elementary School

Rabbi Berkowitz has served as the Principal of MDY’s Early Childhood Center and Elementary School since 2013.  A talented and inspirational educational leader, Rabbi Berkowitz has brought significant positive change to Magen David Yeshivah. His ability to develop and execute a vision of academic excellence paired with his nuanced leadership skills have increased MDY’s enrollment and retention rate, bridged the gap between the parent body and faculty and administration, and created a vibrant environment of learning and creativity in every classroom. His initiatives have included an increase and improvement of Hebrew language instruction, an expansion of the Guidance Program, a new focus on the Early Childhood Center’s speech language efforts, the creation of a robust Professional Development and mentorship program for faculty, and the establishment of Liaison Committees to improve communication with the parent body. 


Prior to MDY, Rabbi Berkowitz was Headmaster of The Ramaz School in Manhattan for 12 years.