To which grades does it apply?

Uniforms are required for all students in grades 1-8.

Where can I purchase school uniforms?

We have arranged for you to purchase uniforms in any one of four different channels – retail stores, online, phone, and catalog. Please see previous pages of the Handbook for more detailed information.

Do I have to buy from a preferred retailer?

You do not have to buy from a preferred retailer. You can buy designated school uniform apparel wherever you choose. However, the preferred retailers are well versed in our uniform policy and are therefore positioned to accommodate you best.

Must I buy uniforms from the designated brands only?

Yes, however, boys’ pants may be from any brand as long as they are navy or gray, and may not be corduroys, cargos, jeans, or sweatpants.

There are styles listed under Cookies Kids, America's Kids, and Lands' End that are not listed in the Handbook, are these styles approved?

Yes. All items displayed on these websites are approved for the program. New items are occasionally added to these offerings to continuously give you an optimal selection.

Does the school play a role in the buying or selling of the uniforms?

No. Different retailers will be carrying some or all of our uniform line and you should contact them with your shopping questions. Just as you would for purchasing any other products, you should deal directly with individual stores as they each have their own policies (returns, exchanges, etc.) to accommodate their customers.

How will I know what will fit my child best?

Consideration has been taken to make sure that the selection of uniforms will be suitable for different body types. Just as shopping for any other clothing, we encourage you to try on the different styles offered. Try-on and return policies will vary based upon the retailer.

Who can I contact with questions?

With purchasing details, you should be in contact with the store of your choice for inquiries. For questions on the uniform policy in general, simply email with questions and your contact information. You can also call (718) 954- 3341, Monday through Thursday. If a live person is not available, you will be directed to voicemail. Note that emails are likely to receive a more expedient response than voicemails.

Are the uniforms expensive?

Most uniform styles range in price from $8 to $35. Additionally, depending on the retailer, sale prices may be offered on certain pieces at various times throughout the year.